PRESIDENTIAL HOBOKEN: The Mile Square City Honors Presidents’ Day

PRESIDENTIAL HOBOKEN: The Mile Square City Honors Presidents’ Day

Happy Presidents’ Day, Hoboken!!!

Today is a great day to walk around the Mile Square City and take in some presidential history.

Washington Street
is our main drag. Work your way toward the back of town, you have Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Jackson and Harrison Streets.

Apparently Martin Van Buren needed a better agent???


Heck, we even had Clinton Street before there was a President Clinton


Woodrow Wilson paraded through the streets of Hoboken, leading troops out and welcoming them back home as they sailed from our waterfront to fight in World War I.

Image via Hoboken Historical Museum

Image via Hoboken Historical Museum

Ronald Reagan made a stop at the St. Ann’s Feast in 1984 along with Frank Sinatra, winning one of the most lopsided Presidential elections in US history later that year.


More recently, another GOP candidate has gotten involved with Hoboken—alas, that didn’t really work out for him…

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Of course, we should be reminded that Presidents’ Day is in honor of all those who have held the office. Some, better than others…

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