Hoboken Begins Separate Road Work Project on Block Adjacent to Major Water Main Break

Hoboken Begins Separate Road Work Project on Block Adjacent to Major Water Main Break

Hoboken has commenced yet another construction project in the southwest of town—separate from the SUEZ water meter upgrades, separate from the major water main break, but further snarling traffic in an already precarious corner of town.

Drivers this morning ran into a road closure at the corner of Harrison and Observer, as crews were getting under way.

“Council members asked for money to be allocated for the paving of Harrison Street,” Hoboken Deputy Chief of Staff Jason Freeman told hMAG. “Some of that milling is beginning today.”

He added, “they won’t do any paving while the work on the water main is being done, so the road will be open.

However, that’s currently not the case, as drivers are forced to turn off observer onto Harrison due to a full road closure. In the distance, the ongoing repairs to the water main break were visibly still under way. Drivers wishing to get into Hoboken are unable to turn left at the next corner, and therefore must swing all the way around to 18th Street in Jersey City and attempt to access the city via Grove Street.

Here’s the latest from the City of Hoboken, as of 3:05 Wednesday…

Dear Residents,

As the City of Hoboken continues to make much-needed improvements to our centuries-old infrastructure, you may experience some delays. Work is currently being done to improve roads in southwest Hoboken.

On Thursday morning, there will be intermittent closures for paving along Observer Highway between Harrison and Paterson. Beginning after noon, there will be intermittent closures along Harrison from Jersey Avenue to Paterson.

The work is expected to be complete that day. Striping area is scheduled to take place on Friday, August 24 but will not require road closures. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

Road work on the 495 approach to Hoboken would make the Southwest artery preferable, but that’s obviously not the case. Once drivers are actually in Hoboken, there’s Washington Street

Authored by: hMAG