Get Pumped, Hoboken: Flood Mitigation Plan Passes

Get Pumped, Hoboken: Flood Mitigation Plan Passes

Despite concerns over aesthetics and “types of shrubbery” that would conceal the drain pipe, Hoboken’s plans for an H-5 wet weather pump passed the 2/3rds majority needed for approval by a vote of 7-2.

The pump has a capacity of 40 million gallons per day featuring a built-in emergency generator, and would alleviate flooding in western Hoboken—including the area around ShopRite.

Let's keep the water front on on the Waterfront

Let’s keep the waterfront on on the Waterfront

The pump is to be financed by an $11.9 million low-interest loan from the New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Trust, which includes 19% principal forgiveness.

In December, the Hoboken City Council voted unanimously to move forward on the pump to combat Hoboken flooding. However, last week, the Hoboken City Council failed to secure the 6 votes needed to pass the funding for the initiative.

Last week’s vote came up 5-2, with five for the pump and two against the pump, with two councilpersons not in attendance.

Mayor Dawn Zimmer called a special meeting of the Hoboken City Council, to allow all members of the Council to vote. The meeting lasted for several hours, but in the end the plan weathered the storm.

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