HOBOKEN INTERNET RADIO: 2015 Sinatra Idol Winner Tony Corrao

HOBOKEN INTERNET RADIO: 2015 Sinatra Idol Winner Tony Corrao

Tony Corrao, from Marlboro, NJ took the top prize at the 2015 Sinatra Idol competition with a relaxed and elegant version of “The Best is Yet To Come.”

This coming Thursday, June 9th, Sinatra Idol returns to Hoboken, as 16 contestants will vie for “the top of the heap” in a performance at Sinatra Park, on the scenic Hoboken Waterfront. This year’s judges include:13312816_10153591303462724_5009981393661887530_n

Bill LaRosa — Director, Hudson County Cultural Affairs & Heritage Affairs/Tourism Development

Dale Monoco — Sinatra’s 2nd cousin. Born & raised in Hoboken

Barbara SimonOwner of the BJ Simon Singing Studio, Finalist for HCC Business Awards – Education Provider Author of “Singing – Body and Soul”

Bob Foster — Director of the Hoboken Historical Museum  

Richard Muti  — author of a biography of Ol’ Blue Eyes titled Cent’Anni: The Sinatra Legend at 100, who was designated an Award Finalist in the USA Book News Best Book competition for 2015.

And of course, reigning champ Tony Corrao will be on hand to wow the audience once again. Tony took the time to chat with Alice Stockton Rossini, of Hoboken Internet Radio, discussing his road to singing Sinatra, and some of the secrets he learned by emulating a man that biographer James Kaplan referred to as, “a man with musical talents of a Mozartian level.”

Authored by: hMAG