Hoboken Police See Drop in Crime

Hoboken Police See Drop in Crime

**UPDATED—July 19, 2018**

Hoboken is safer, according to Chief Ken Ferrante, who announced a 10.1% reduction in overall crime compared to 2017.

Ferrante thanked officers for their commitment to making residents and visitors as safe as possible. He also thanked Mayor Ravi Bhalla and the City Council for their cooperation.

Mayor Bhalla, in turn, pledged his gratitude and support to the HPD.

The initial announcement of these statistics came a day after the City of Hoboken and HPD posted signs dissuading visitors from coming to Hoboken for the 4th of July Fireworks, citing logistical shortcomings and insufficient resources, setting off a firestorm among the city’s retail and hospitality sector.

Nevertheless, Hoboken PD exceeds the state averages in 6 of 7 areas—including tripling the state arrest rates in the areas of Robbery and Burglary. For the first 6 months of 2018, the Hoboken Police Department has closed by arrest, 219 of 671 crimes, for an astounding 32.6% total closure rate.

“I thank and commend our Uniformed, Investigative and Training Bureaus, and those bureaus’ commanders, supervisors, detectives, patrol officers, and civilian staffs,” says Chief Ferrante.

Authored by: hMAG