BEE ON THE LOOKOUT: Swarm of Honey Bees Reported in Hoboken

BEE ON THE LOOKOUT: Swarm of Honey Bees Reported in Hoboken

This is our version of a “kitten-stuck-in-tree” story—except it’s hundreds of angry kittens, with really sharp claws…

We were lucky enough to catch up with Hudson County’s tier-one “tactical beekeeper,” Michael Place, as he and members of Hoboken’s Finest and workers from the City of Hoboken responded to a swarm of honey bees on the 700 block of Grand Street Monday afternoon.

These bees are “the good bees”—they’re the ones we need to protect, as opposed to the spiteful little bastards that just go around stabbing people for sport.

These are the ones responsible for maintaining our food supply, which is why—rather than killing them with fire—we aim to relocate them to safer spots, so they can continue going about their business relatively undisturbed. Folks like Michael Place make it their mission to shepherd the bees to a better location.

Unfortunately the swarm took off before Place could get in place…

After a search of adjacent blocks, the swarm was nowhere to be found. They either moved up to a treetop, or out of the area entirely. However, should you encounter the bees, DO NOT SWAT THEM. They will sting if threatened (although it’s a relatively mild bite, compared to their hornet cousins). Your best bet is to contact local authorities, who will in turn contact people like Mike…


Authored by: hMAG