Hoboken Rotary Club Hosts “Golden Rotarians” Event for Community Seniors — Wed., Nov 18th

Hoboken Rotary Club Hosts “Golden Rotarians” Event for Community Seniors — Wed., Nov 18th

The Hoboken Rotary Club has long been a resource for the community.  From giving college scholarships to high school students, to free books and dictionaries to grad school students and a spelling bee for 4th graders to rebuilding the American Legion for our Vets to have their home back after Hurricane Sandy. Celebrating over 50 years in Hoboken the club has been an integral part of serving it’s community.

This year the club is focused on launching a new program to enhance the lives of the Senior community in town.  Many of the Senior that live in the local complexes in town rarely see visitors and the club hopes to change that.  On November 18th the Rotary will launch it’s new Senior program called Golden Rotarians.  The idea of the program is to match families and individuals who are willing to be matched with a local Senior and visit with them on a monthly basis. The commitment would be a minimum of one monthly visit for 2-3 hours but can extend based on each match if they see fit to visit more often.

We are looking to simply enrich the lives of the Senior community by having someone they can look forward to seeing each month and simply spend time with them. This can consist of playing board games, taking them for walks or other outings or simply talking with them for a few hours each month.  We are encouraging families strongly as well as nothing brightens the day of a Senior like interacting with children.

If you are interested in getting involved the launch will take place on November 18th, from 5-7pm at the Multi Service Center at 124 Grand Street.  Dinner and refreshments will be served and any questions will be answered. If you can’t make it feel free to send an email to joe@hmag.com if you have any questions or if you’d like to sign up for the program.

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