Local Bands Unite at Maxwell’s to Play Birthday Bash for Jaime DeJesus

Local Bands Unite at Maxwell’s to Play Birthday Bash for Jaime DeJesus

Jaime DeJesus is an extremely active, driving force in the local music scene—not easy for an old man…

As DeJesus stares down 40, he’ll get by with a little help from his friends.

“A few months ago when my lovely, very special ladyfriend Casey Solomon asked me what I wanted to do for my 40th birthday, the obvious answer was that I wanted to make music with and hang out with my friends and family all night,” said DeJesus. “So she and Dave Entwistle booked an evening at Maxwell’s Tavern with a few of the great bands that Hoboken has to offer… it also happens that I’m playing and singing in most of these bands.”

Liam Brown and the Pounds – this Irish Rock n’ Roll band is led by Liam Brown, with Dave Entwistle on guitar, Chuck Tumulty on the drums and DeJesus on the bass. “These bandmates are among my closest friends, having been the first to give me an opportunity to be a part of this magnificent Hoboken music scene,” says DeJesus. “The great thing about this project, amidst the catchy tunes, is how the melodic phrasing in the drums and rhythmic playing in the guitars atypically go about creating the energy.”

ooglebe is a progressive rock band that DeJesus became involved with years ago. “I composed many of the tunes, but the musical prowess of keyboardist Drew Brady, the staunch foundation of guitarist Peter J. Bellomo, and the alternative ideals of drummer Jared Williams is what really made that band come together—not to mention the killer 3-part harmonies throughout,” says DeJesus.

Big Wake is hardest working band in Hoboken, and give an incredibly polished and intense performance. Guitarist Gerry Rosenthal, drummer Jeff Fernandes, bassist Marty O’Keane, and keyboardist Billy Tortoriello come together and will slay your ears with the magnificent nectar of their songs and skilled playing.”

Throughout the night, Casey and the Dirty Water Dogs will draw from its ensemble cast to play a few cover tunes as well. “Many of the players performing that evening are members of the rotating cast of this cover band, which plays all over town and beyond,” says DeJesus. “These are all amazing players, and if already in the building, they might as well perform together.”

While DeJesus is certainly the man of the hour, the main focus is the stellar music presented by this impressive roster of bands.

“The idea of putting together this gig was to gather bands that share one unique quality,” says DeJesus. “Although there is one person assuming the role of ‘Mission Control’ in each of these bands, there is a common musical style that embraces an equal engagement and input of every musician at all times so that the band, itself, is one instrument.”

Sounds like Jamie is getting pretty existential in his old age… happens to the best of us.

Doors open at 8p.m.; show starts at 8:30p
Maxwell’s Tavern
1039 Washington St.

“Sing this song with me, this is ’40’…”

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