Hoboken’s Hudson Bike Share Ready to Roll

Hoboken’s Hudson Bike Share Ready to Roll

by Darren Paltrowitz

Today the City of Hoboken will launch Hudson Bike Share.

Hoboken’s seemingly more affordable answer to Citi Bike—which launched in Jersey City in September—Hudson Bike Share brings 250 bikes to 29 stations around the Mile Square City.

Sponsored by CarePoint Health, Zipcar, Investors Bank, SUEZ, Keller Williams City Life and Bijou Properties, an Annual Membership with Hudson Bike Share costs $95. For that fee, users can ride a bike for up to 45 minutes at a time, 24 hours a day.

Chris Wogas, CEO of Bike and Roll—which operates the Hudson Bike Share—kindly answered some questions for hMAG.

hMAG: Where did the idea for Hudson Bike Share come from?
Chris Wogas: The idea of having a program in the city is something the mayor [Dawn Zimmer] has been big on and we worked on the pilot with Social Bicycles. A smart bike system is completely flexible and since each bike acts as a mini-computer. With GPS on board, the amount of information we can glean from the system is immense. Our “No Fee Zones” are an example of the flexibility and how we use the GPS-enabled bikes to expand our reach.

H: What do you wish more people knew about Hudson Bike Share?

C: The ease of this system, it really is unlike anything anyone has seen in the area when it comes to bike share. The bikes themselves have on-board computers that make checking them out or signing up right at a bike simple.

Bike and Roll CEO Chris Wogas, with Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer

Bike and Roll CEO Chris Wogas, with Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer

H: How does the program compare to Manhattan’s Citi Bike?

C: Bike sharing works in primarily the same way, but our program is bike-based and more traditional programs are dock-based.

H: Might the program be expanding beyond Hoboken at any point in the future?

C: The plan is to expand as we move forward. We are looking to create a truly regional program, and the idea of expansion to connecting cities would make 100% sense.

H: Are there any discounts planned for people who work for large companies? Or is it the same fee structure for all?

C: There are group sales opportunities. Any company interested should reach out to us at groupsales@hudsonbikeshare.com

H: What kind of bike do you have?

C: I ride a Trek District. It is a single-speed bike built for cities, especially Manhattan.

H: What do you enjoy most about cycling?

C: Cycling is generally the best and most convenient way to get around. Obviously it’s green, but it also is healthy and allows you to see things you cannot see from a subway, bus or car.

H: Finally, Chris, any last words for the kids?

C: Always wear a helmet when riding a bike. The single most important thing you can do to keep yourself safe when riding a bike is wearing a helmet.

Authored by: hMAG