Jersey City Man Arrested for DUI on Motor Scooter in Hoboken

Jersey City Man Arrested for DUI on Motor Scooter in Hoboken

A Jersey City Man was arrested on multiple charges for operating a motor scooter under the influence in Hoboken.

Malvin Rios, age 46, has been charged with operating an Unregistered Scooter, Failure to exhibit Driver’s License, Failure to exhibit Insurance, Operating without a helmet, DUI in school Zone, DUI, Reckless Driving, Suspended Driver’s License, 3 counts of bail jumping, and hindering.

PO Harold Milne, PO Enrico Gnassi observed the defendant driver through a stop sign at 7th Monroe Street. The gas-powered, Vespa-style motor scooter did not have a visible license plate/registration and the rider was not wearing a helmet. Officers immediately detected slurred speech and glassy eyes after stopping the driver, and a field sobriety test was conducted and found to be impaired.

A Hoboken Police spokesperson verified that the scooter in question is NOT similar in style to the electric scooters recently approved via ordinance from the Hoboken City Council. The scooter in this incident is a road-driven vehicle with a seat, thereby subject to NJ License & Registration.

Regarding rules for the electric scooters, Hoboken Police are developing a response to mounting concerns on that front, and has been continuing dialogue with City officials.

“[Hoboken Transportation Director Ryan] Sharp has kept [Traffic Commander Lt. John] Petrosino and I advised over the past few weeks. Our Traffic Bureau supported the ordinance which allows these modes of transportation to operate in the bike lanes and not sidewalks as they can go fast and present a danger to pedestrians on sidewalks,” Hoboken Police Chief Kenneth Ferrante recently told hMAG in a conversation about the electric scooters. “I always make it clear that I don’t want our residents to feel they are living in a Police State (except during Con events), because that brings distrust and discontent with the police department. So, as far as enforcement, our traffic bureau and officers will continue to perform enforcement and initiatives that are fair, reasonable, and cover all modes; cars, trucks, car services, bicyclists, pedestrians and now scooters.”

He added, “Scooter enforcement will not become a priority, as there are many other areas in law enforcement that I deem more important for our officers to concentrate on. However, our traffic bureau will digest the very new state laws, get involved in some education for our residents, and perform sensible enforcement.”

Meanwhile—in reference to this particular incident on the gas-powered, road-driven motor scooter—Operating an Unregistered Scooter, Failure to Exhibit Driver’s License, Failure to Exhibit Insurance, Operating Without a Helmet, DUI in school Zone, DUI, Reckless Driving, Suspended Driver’s License, 3 counts of Bail Jumping, and Hindering all remain illegal under current Hoboken law.


Authored by: hMAG