STROLLIN’ PROPERTY: Baby Buggy Bandit Busted by Hoboken Police

STROLLIN’ PROPERTY: Baby Buggy Bandit Busted by Hoboken Police

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Jacquelin Dunleavy, age 40, of Hoboken, has been arrested following a month-long spree in which she allegedly stole a number of strollers from various locations throughout the city.

The initial reports came in on Sunday November 4th, when a stroller was stolen from an address on the 700 block of Grand St Street.

Det. Michael Miranda and Adam Colon began following leads—including footage made available on the facebook group Hoboken Mommies. That evidence that pointed to a specific person and vehicle.

On November 29. Hoboken Police Officers Straten, Quinones and Sgt Rotondi observed a motor vehicle which they believed matched the description given by the Detectives. Upon conducting a motor vehicle stop, they believed the driver also matched the description of the suspect. They were able to verify the identity of the driver she received a summons for illegal parking and driving while suspended.

Detectives used all this information to confirm the defendant as the suspect, and then proceeded to search the area for the defendant—locating the vehicle in the area of Willow Terrace. Dunleavy was in the vehicle and was approached by Det. Hochstadter and Sgt. Mecka, placed under arrest and transported to headquarters for processing.

Detectives were able to link her to the other reported cases of the stolen strollers. They were also able to retrieve two of the strollers and returned to the owners. The other strollers have not been located.

Dunleavy has been charged with 3 Counts of Burglary, 6 Counts of Theft. She was later released with a court date.

Authored by: hMAG