KARYN KUHL: The Big Personality Behind Little RocknRollers

KARYN KUHL: The Big Personality Behind Little RocknRollers

by Vera Sirota

(all images courtesy of Karyn Kuhl)

Karyn Kuhl is a musician, artist, and Hoboken legend.  One of the most important roles she embraces is being a teacher.

A Bloomfield native, Karyn started guitar lessons at age 9 and picked up the electric guitar at age 17. At 22, Karyn moved to Hoboken and became one of our town’s favorite daughters by playing in various indie bands. Karyn found her own voice as a regular performer at the renowned Maxwell’s.

In 2002, Karyn expanded her following to a completely new demographic by teaching group music classes for babies and toddlers at the first art/music/play space and mom “hang out” in Hoboken called Echo Of Art. The drummer in Karyn’s band at the time spotted a flyer posted at Guitar Bar looking for a children’s music teacher. The woman teaching there needed a substitute due to her own difficult pregnancy. Karyn filled in for her, but the original teacher never came back and subsequently moved out of the country. Karyn followed her template and then started to make the classes more of her own. This amazing music program is now known to Hoboken as Little RocknRollers.

Karyn Kuhl Band at WFMU’s Monty Hall – image via Karyn Kuhl

With the COVID-19 crisis ensnaring our community, Karyn Kuhl has pivoted to expand her offerings to include guitar and ukulele private lessons for students ages 5 and above. Karyn’s pedagogy is informed by the words of Aretha Franklin – “Be your own artist, and always be confident in what you’re doing.” Karyn nurtures the artist in each student so they can find their own way in expressing themselves through music.

Karyn relays, “The key to guitar and ukulele instruction is patience and practice. The magic of music and learning an instrument can help to instill a love and dedication to creativity. Kids are naturally creative, but it’s hard for adults to sustain it… Learning how to play songs that you love is the best way to have fun while improving your skills.” Karyn always tailors her instruction based on the personality, musical interests, and age of each student. She is also proud to share that she is adept with supporting students who are questioning their identity and providing a safe space for them in their musical and personal journeys.

To get in touch with Karyn for private lessons, please email littlerocknrollers@gmail.com.



Authored by: hMAG