LEPRECON 2017: Hoboken Police Stats Are In

LEPRECON 2017: Hoboken Police Stats Are In

(ABOVE: Image from TheJournal.ie)

Another “LepreCon” is in the books, and after an entertaining day monitoring Hoboken Police Chief Ken Ferrante’s twitter feed, we have the final stats for the day’s revelry.

According to the Chief:

  • 477 calls for service yesterday, up from 432 in 2016
  • Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Corps transported 28 individuals to the hospital, down from 35 in 2016. None seriously injured.
  • HPD issued 31 City Ordinance summonses, down from 54 in 2016. Most of the violations were Drinking in Public, with a handful of Public Urination and Criminal Mischief complaints.
  • 11 arrests yesterday, down from 15 in 2016. Two were for Simple Assault, two for Obstruction of Justice, two DWI, four Disorderly Conduct/Fighting and one for Resisting Arrest.
  • Zero officers were injured yesterday, down from two in 2016.
  • Zero complaints against HPD officers, for the second year in a row.

Chief Ferrante shared his appreciation for the effort from all Hoboken Police Officers and staff, Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Corps, as well as the North Bergen Police, Union City Police, Hudson County, Stevens Police, and Westfield PD.

“I also want to thank almost all the bar & restaurant owners who did a great job managing their businesses & crowds yesterday & worked w/ us!”, he said via twitter.

As for the bars, preliminary reports indicate that business was down significantly, likely due to bitter cold temperatures pushing windchills down into the teens. Nevertheless, bars near the PATH, along First Street, and many well-known Hoboken mainstays still saw steady business—albeit down from the heyday of the Parade years.

Authored by: hMAG