Man Allegedly Tries to Steal Ambulance From Hoboken University Medical Center

Man Allegedly Tries to Steal Ambulance From Hoboken University Medical Center

(ABOVE: Dramatization—Burt Reynolds, Dom DeLuise and Jack Elam star in the film, Cannonball Run; image via YouTube)

The rideshare/carshare concept has really taken off in our area, but let’s make something perfectly clear—emergency vehicles are not included in that plan.

This may be news to 30 year-old Nicholas Soto of Lyndhurst, who was charged with Burglary, Theft, Escape, Resisting Arrest after attempting to steal an ambulance from Hoboken University Medical Center on November 10.

According to Hoboken Police, the aspiring Captain Chaos was loitering in the hospital lobby and would not leave, despite the fact that he was not being treated nor waiting for anyone. PO Joshua Campoverde, PO Christopher Barral escorted Soto out of the facility, then minutes later they observed the him pacing back and forth near the ambulance which was parked outside the hospital. He opened the ambulance door and entered, locking both doors to the ambulance as officers approached, then made several unsuccessful attempts to put the ambulance in gear.

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With assistance from security, the HPD officers were able to gain entry by way of the rear double doors. As they attempted to place Soto under arrest, he allegedly resisted by pulling his arms away from the officers preventing them from handcuffing him for several minutes, until they were able to gain control and safely place him under arrest. He was transported to HPD headquarters for processing, and as Soto was being fingerprinted, he reportedly attempted to flee by running towards the door of the processing room. Several officers were able to regain control of the defendant and continue processing, and he was later remanded to the Hudson County Rehabilitation Center.


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