Moat Meeting: City Seeks Input on Flood Plan

Moat Meeting: City Seeks Input on Flood Plan

Less than two years ago, the visionary minds at brought you a proposal for a dual-purpose moat, designed to handle floodwater mitigation and repel invading hordes.

Now, the City of Hoboken is pursuing a slightly modified version of that plan. Tonight at 7:00, a meeting will take place at the Hoboken Multi Service Center, located at 124 Grand Street, seeking public input on the plan.

The City of Hoboken’s flood resiliency initiatives include:

• A contract to build Hoboken’s second flood pump to alleviate flooding in western Hoboken is expected to be issued within a few weeks.
• The City is finalizing plans for the Southwest Park which will include green infrastructure to reduce flooding, with construction expected to begin later this year.
• The City has issued an offer letter and is in negotiations with BASF to acquire a 6 acre property in Northwest Hoboken for a multi-purpose resiliency park, underground parking, and large-scale underground stormwater detention chamber.
• The City is in negotiations through the redevelopment process to acquire a one acre property at 7th Street and Jackson Street for park space with stormwater detention.
• A bid for construction of the City Hall sustainable stormwater demonstration project, which will include rain gardens and cisterns to hold rainwater, is expected to be issued in the spring.
• A community meeting for the First Street streetscape improvements project, which will include rain gardens, will be held on Thursday, January 22 at 7:00pm at the Multi Service Center. The meeting will also focus on a city-wide wayfinding system and branding for the City. The project is funded by an $880,000 post-Sandy grant.
• The City’s repaving projects scheduled for the spring, will include the installation of four new rain garden curb extensions.
• The City recently installed 64 street trees which help to retain stormwater runoff, with approximately 50 more scheduled for installation in the spring.
• The City is completing a post-Sandy disaster recovery plan which will include design guidelines for flood-proofing structures, stormwater management plan, and a hazard mitigation plan.



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