NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! — Hoboken Luke’s Lobster Storefront Goes Dark

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! — Hoboken Luke’s Lobster Storefront Goes Dark

Yes, of course we waited until #MayTheFourth to run this story…

But sad news continues on Hoboken’s retail scene, as Luke’s Lobster have decided to shutter their brick & mortar operation at 207 Washington Street after a nearly two-year run.

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This comes as another local favorite, The Taco Truck, has announced a complete shutdown of its operations—not just in Hoboken, but overall.

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 4.26.26 PMWhile there could be any number of factors driving these individual closures—particularly considering the common truck-to-storefront element of these specific businesses—anecdotal evidence indicates that the Hoboken retail scene can certainly be challenging.

“You’re getting $100 per square foot downtown,” said one local realtor. “There are a lot of unrealistic expectations from some of these landlords.”

Zoning complexities also exist here in Hoboken, which make brick and mortar ventures more of a challenge—not just in new construction, such as the now infamous Shake Shack discussion, but also in relatively simple business openings.

“You secure a location, then you need to get a lawyer and go four or five months trying to get permitted use,” said a local realtor. “That hurts people trying to get in.”

As for fans of Luke’s Lobster, you’ll still be able to get their fresh, succulent lobster rolls and wicked good chowders right here in Hoboken.

“You need not worry too much,” according to a statement in the former location’s window, “you can still get your Luke’s fix at Pier 13 and other events in Hoboken and greater New Jersey this summer.”

Luke's Lobster roll

Maine-style Luke’s Lobster Roll


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