NUTS: Cocky Citizen Takes Prickly Approach to Potholes

NUTS: Cocky Citizen Takes Prickly Approach to Potholes

Let’s get the disclaimer portion of this post out of the way right now:

We here at in no way advocate the defiling of public property with inappropriate graffiti.

That said, check out this &!<% move... In Manchester, England, an anonymous activist who goes by the absolutely genius name of “Wanksy” has taken his protest to the streets—quite literally—by drawing phallic images around the problematic potholes that plague the greater Ramsbottom area.

Decorum prohibits us from posting the images here, but the Manchester Evening News has a rather well-endowed gallery of the activist’s artwork.

In response to the vulgar protest, the local city council has opted to remove the offending images by filling in the potholes—many within 48 hours of their desecration.

According to a council spokesman, “The actions of this individual are not only stupid but incredibly insulting to local residents. Has this person, for just one second, considered how families with young children must feel when they are confronted with these obscene symbols as they walk to school? Not only is this vandalism, but it’s also counter-productive. Every penny that we have to spend cleaning off this graffiti is a penny less that we have to spend on actually repairing the potholes!”

Nevertheless, the potholes are being repaired.

“The roads of Manchester are in an appalling state,” says Wanksy, who defends his prickly approach to what has been an ongoing local frustration. “I have cyclist friends who have been hospitalized. They damage vehicles. Sometimes it’s hard to know which pothole caused the damage because there are so many.”

Undeterred by criticism, Wanksy’s phallic images will continue to pop up wherever a hole needs to be filled.

“When I’ve finished in Ramsbottom, I’ll move on to the rest of Manchester.”

Godspeed, Wanksy…

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