Ooglebe Reunion Show— Tonight @ Northern Soul

Ooglebe Reunion Show— Tonight @ Northern Soul

Bands don’t always break up. Sometimes they just come undone.

“Unfortunately we disbanded a little over a decade ago,” says Jaime DeJesus. “Although we were at a high point of compositional effectiveness, circumstances of distance and higher educational desires forced us to split.”

Like a ripped t-shirt rediscovered at the bottom of a drawer, all it needs is a few stitches and it’s good to go.

DeJesus, Andrew Brady, Peter Joseph Bellomo, and Jared Williams take the stage at Northern Soul (557 First Street) tonight for a one-set performance as Ooglebe, offering up original “vibrational cuisine.”

“We’ve spent the last month shedding on our own and relearning the complex compositions and came together for a session,” says DeJesus. “The drummer lives in Philly and the guitarist and keyboardist live on opposite sides of Manhattan so it’s hard to get together, so we have no idea whether this will become a more regular thing or not.”

“It’s really something special to me that we are doing this. The four of us really love the music and each other and I think that will be expressed, along with the old ideas that created the compositions in the first place.”

Spanish Flamenco guitarist Alberto Carrion will open up the show at 8:00.

Northern Soul
557 First St.

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