PAULINE’S CHOCOLATES — Remembering Pauline Nawrocki, a Hoboken Staple

PAULINE’S CHOCOLATES — Remembering Pauline Nawrocki, a Hoboken Staple

by Tracey Kilmer

A mother, a grandmother, a sister and an aunt. Like Cher or Madonna, you only needed to hear her first name, occasionally “ the chocolate lady “ added to it. But if you ever lived in Hoboken, you most likely know the name Pauline.

Born and raised in the square mile, Pauline Nawrocki was one of six Delia sisters and a Hoboken staple. From waitressing at the old Schaefer’s Diner across from the PATH to cooking at Diana’s on Jefferson Street, to eventually party planning at her store which was perfectly named, Pauline’s Chocolates—you most likely came across her friendly personality.

Everyone in town knew her for her generosity, talent and super-cheap prices. Whether she was serving breakfast, cooking an amazing meatloaf sandwich for lunch or planning a wedding, you knew that whatever she was doing she was going to do it perfectly and with elegance. She ran the most talked-about bus rides to Sands Casino every month for the senior community, providing a entertaining and affordable retreat for everyone who was lucky to get a seat.

She took pride in her talent to decorate and create one-of-a-kind events, and made sure none of her customers were disappointed.

On Friday, May 15, Pauline lost her battle with COVID-19. Much like the 105,000 other people who have lost their battle to this horrific virus, her death devastated everyone who knew her.

She was a person who helped anyone she could, often gave free products to mothers who couldn’t afford to buy for their children. She was always there to help anyone decorate their home for Christmas or plan their child’s first birthday party.

She was proud of her hometown of Hoboken and the people who lived there—whether it was Hoboken B&R or those that just moved in.

She leaves behind her five sisters, two children and their spouses, and three grandchildren. But most of all, Pauline the chocolate lady has left behind her legacy of generosity, kindness and humanity that she showed to everyone that ever had the pleasure of knowing her.

RIP dear soul, Hoboken and its people will miss you…

Author Tracey Nawrocki Kilmer is Pauline’s daughter.


Authored by: hMAG