PREGIFTING: Crowdfunding Platform for Weddings Offers a Lifeline for Newlyweds As They Take the Plunge

PREGIFTING: Crowdfunding Platform for Weddings Offers a Lifeline for Newlyweds As They Take the Plunge

For richer or for poorer…

We all know money can’t buy you love, but love shouldn’t have to cost you so much money.

Hoping to make it easier for the happy couple to enjoy their big day, PreGifting is a unique crowdfunding platform for weddings designed to help alleviate the financial stress that many newlyweds face.

“A few years ago a good friend was getting married and I knew she was short on cash for the wedding she wanted,” says Joe Mindak, PreGifting founder. “I told my wife we should just give her the money we were going to give her the day of her wedding now even though the wedding was 6 months away. That’s when it hit me, and PreGifting was born.”

“Couples opening their wallets to pay for rising wedding costs have enough to worry about- they shouldn’t have to consider cutting guest lists or limiting open bars,” says Mindak “I’ve seen firsthand the financial burden that weddings can cause couples, and guessing what monetary gifts will be given at the reception is an impossible task. PreGifting is more than an early monetary wedding gift, it is peace of mind for couples as they start their new lives together.”

Many couples put a lot of emphasis on their weddings, with an entire industry reaping the benefits.

Some weddings pay for themselves, others don't...

Some weddings pay for themselves, others don’t…

“Weddings have continued to become more and more expensive, yet couples still want that dream wedding they’ve always wanted,” says Mindak. “The traditional model of parents simply paying for the wedding is not always the option anymore, and couples need to find more creative ways to help finance their wedding—they are getting a second job, selling their other car, etc. just to get that extra cash. With PreGifting, they alleviate the stress of paying for their wedding.”

It is completely free for couples to create a PreGifting profile, and account sign-up takes just seconds. Once a wedding profile has been created on a secure campaign link is generated which users can instantly share with family and friends.

Is it full of cash?

Is it full of cash?

Wedding guests can PreGift money securely, using a credit card, from anywhere in the world. The PreGifted amount is instantly available for the couple to see in their PreGifting account, and mailed via check at the close of the campaign. Bank account information is never collected from either party.

“PreGifting was so essential to us securing money for vendors prior to our destination wedding,” says Briana Moreland. “Guests and family members were thrilled to know that they somehow contributed to our big day—plus it provided our guest the opportunity to gift prior to traveling to the destination and took the hassle/worry out of carrying around gifts while on vacation.”

Of course registries are a great way to help out a young couple as they begin their lives together, but that new sterling silver chafing dish probably won’t help them pay the rent. PreGifting is a practical way for guests to give them what they really want—a dream wedding day without all the financial stress.

PreGifting is currently securely it’s second round of funding.  Investment inquiries can be sent to


Authored by: hMAG