RALLY BIG DAY: Hoboken Taking to the Streets to Protest Gun Violence, Union Dry Dock

RALLY BIG DAY: Hoboken Taking to the Streets to Protest Gun Violence, Union Dry Dock

The City of Hoboken is putting the “active” in activism today, hosting a double-header of rallies to combat gun violence and protest the use of Union Dry Dock as a fueling depot for New York Waterway.

The first rally against gun violence comes on the 19th anniversary of the Columbine School Shooting, and on the heels of a massive turnout for the March For Our Lives rally last month.

“If we fight back against the lobbyists and legislators keeping us from enacting effective gun control measures, we can prevent a tragedy like Columbine from happening to our community,” said Mayor Ravi S. Bhalla. “The right to life is the first unalienable right Thomas Jefferson declared for our country, and I am so proud of our young students for leading the charge on this important issue.”

This event, hosted by Hoboken members of Students Demand Action Hudson County as well as Moms Demand Action Hudson County, will take place at Hoboken City Hall (94 Washington Street) from 4-5 p.m.

Soon after that rally, the City will host the “Rally to Protect Our Waterfront” up at Maxwell Place Park (near 10th St. & Sinatra Drive), as Hoboken continues its vocal opposition to New York Waterway’s proposed use of the adjacent Union Dry Dock space as a fueling depot.

Union Dry Dock property in Hoboken is currently owned by New York Waterway.

Hoboken wants Union Dry Dock for the purpose of completing the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway and for public open space and recreation.

“Transforming the last piece of our waterfront at Union Dry Dock into a public park and walkway is a major priority of my administration,” says Bhalla. “Our waterfront is the true gem of Hoboken, and we now have a once in a lifetime opportunity to transform this last piece of land into public, open space—just like the rest of our waterfront.”

The rally comes following Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla‘s decision to temporarily suspend Eminent Domain proceedings, so that alternative plans can be properly entertained without the added pressure of looming action.

Authored by: hMAG