RAVE: Hoboken Hot House Pizza

RAVE: Hoboken Hot House Pizza

There’s brick-and-mortar, then there are food trucks—somewhere in the middle is a pizzeria run out of a garage…

Partnering with Karen Nason’s wildly successful café, longtime resident Ralph Gallo has fired up the ovens at Hoboken Hot House Pizza.

“We are a relatively new pizzeria, but with deep Hoboken roots,” says Gallo. “We opened our doors just over a year ago and have been picking up steam ever since.”

The unique shop is set up in an old garage at 606 Second Street, which boasts a fully secluded private garden—ideal for outdoor seating and private parties. And while pizza may seem ubiquitous in Hoboken, explosive development in the southwest corner of town has created a small, under-served pocket of population that are happy to have a great local pizzeria nearby.

“We have unique eatery, serving great pizza and great food,” says Gallo. “Come down and enjoy a slice.”


Authored by: hMAG