RELAX… the Spa Diner is Staying

RELAX… the Spa Diner is Staying

A collective heart palpitation rippled through Hoboken’s steadfast nocturnal gourmand scene, as rumors of the Spa Diner‘s demise were greatly exaggerated.


Well you can step away from the defibrillator, because the Spa will live on, thanks to some big-picture thinking from a big fan.

“I heard they had sold the building, but needed the right people to come in to keep the place open,” says Sean McGarr, owner the Village Pourhouse family of bars, plus the Ainsworth and Little Town Social venues here in Hoboken. “I said to myself, ‘man—the Spa Diner? That place has been here for 70 years.’ So we came in to make sure it would stay open, keeping the same staff and everything.”

The Spa has long served as a no-frills, straightforward go-to diner for hungry Hobokenites at all hours of the day or night. McGarr plans to maintain that same edgy vibe—plus a few innovations.

“We’ll be bringing in cool new features like corned beef and pastrami, plus some popular new dishes like ramen and other late night favorites.”

So enjoy your night out, because the Spa will still be there to make it all better—24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Spa Diner
74 Hudson Street

Authored by: hMAG

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