REMEMBERING FABIOLA BITTAR DE KROON — Hoboken Residents Hope to Comfort Family

REMEMBERING FABIOLA BITTAR DE KROON — Hoboken Residents Hope to Comfort Family

Fabiola Bittar De Kroon was the sole fatality in the Hoboken train crash that left 108 others injured last Thursday.

She was a Hoboken resident, having moved here from Brazil in April. After dropping off her daughter at day care, she ran to catch her train and was tragically killed by flying debris when the Pascack Valley Line NJ Transit Train 1614 out of Spring Valley with 250 passengers on board overran the track in Hoboken Terminal around 8:40 Thursday morning.

She is survived by her husband and daughter.

Concerned Hoboken residents have started a GoFundMe page in an effort to help in some way with the family’s devastating loss.

“The funds will hopefully help cover the costs of him bringing their families to Hoboken, child care for their daughter when he has to resume work, funeral costs and possible repatriation should he decide to leave Hoboken and the U.S.,” says Caroline Henderson. “The funds go directly to Daan, Fabiola’s husband.”

Henderson got to know Fabiola via the Hoboken Mommies Facebook group.

“I was a distant friend of hers—as a fellow Hoboken Mom I met her a few times in the parks and playgrounds,” says Henderson. “I am also an ex-pat and know that without financial grounding, living far away from family can be extremely hard. I wanted to help her husband in any way possible to make this time less stressful than I can imagine it already is.”

While Fabiola hailed from Brazil, her husband is Dutch. Meanwhile Henderson is a South African-born British citizen who has moved to Hoboken not just once but twice in her travels. “I love the community and the way we all come together to support one another, given that many of us are not from ‘here’,” says Henderson. “This may sound ridiculous, but I have lived in London, Singapore and South Africa and I genuinely believe that Hoboken is the best place on earth!”

Like many here in Hoboken, Henderson recognizes the sheer randomness of the incident that took Fabiola’s life.

“I was in her exact same spot at the exact same time the day before, traveling to my company’s Morristown office,” says Henderson. “It really could have been me.”

She adds, “I know that money doesn’t help replace her, but if it helps her daughter or husband in any way bringing other family together than we’ve achieved something.

To contribute to the fund for Fabiola Bittar De Kroon’s family, please CLICK HERE.

Authored by: hMAG