SHIP MISHAP: Boats Collide on Hoboken Waterfront

SHIP MISHAP: Boats Collide on Hoboken Waterfront

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UPDATED at 11:49 p.m

Two ships from the Cornucopia Cruise Line reportedly collided this evening as one attempted to dock, plowing into the other one and damage it and the Pier on Hoboken’s Waterfront.

The Destiny, a 115-foot wedding yacht, crashed into the 117-foot Sundancer, the line’s newest vessel, as it was moored at Pier 14. Unconfirmed reports indicate the Destiny made a second attempt to dock after the initial collision, but smashed into the Sundancer yet again.

According to the Hoboken Fire Department, there were no injuries reported.

Meanwhile, NY Waterway service continued on Pier 14. At this time, there is no indication whether there is any long-term damage to the pier.

Students from Weehawken High were on board the Destiny, celebrating their prom. None were hurt, and the celebration continued at the Hoboken Elks Lodge.


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