SMOKE ON THE WATER: House of ‘Que Comes to Hoboken

SMOKE ON THE WATER: House of ‘Que Comes to Hoboken

by Christopher Halleron
photos courtesy of House of ‘Que

Hoboken has no shortage of bars and grills—but good, authentic Barbeque in town has been few and far between.

Now the House of ‘Que looks to be the go-to when you need a good smoke, and pitmaster Mike Rodriguez has the pedigree to deliver.

“The meat should stand alone,” says Rodriguez “with a good rub to compliment the flavor.”

Rodriguez hails from the Texas school of barbeque, having grown up in Longview, in the northeast portion of the Lone Star State. “BBQ to me back home is an event—I’m talking day-long, where you’re smoking pork shoulders and briskets the night before,” says Rodriguez, who has over 25 years experience in the barbeque business, from Texas to NYC.

Bringing his talents to Hoboken, The House of ‘Que will specialize in authentic Austin-style, using a variety of woods—oak, hickory and pecan—to smoke their meats 16-18 hours. The menu will feature brisket, pulled pork, chicken and sausages—plus a full roster of southern-style comfort food, such as beans w/ burnt ends, cole slaw, collard greens and mac & cheese.

“Everyone has their idea of barbeque,” says Rodriguez, acknowledging the subjective nature of the genre. “Stay true to what you’re trying to do. This is my style, and that’s what I want everyone to experience.”

At the recent Rock the BBQ event on Pier A, Rodriguez gave Hoboken a taste of what’s to come. With the restaurant at 340 Sinatra Drive serving cafeteria-style, down home barbeque by the pound, Southern-style cocktails and family-style seating, we’ll be queuing up on the Waterfront for the House of ‘Que every chance we get.

Opening Wednesday, November 25th—


Authored by: hMAG