ME&EM FOR GOOD: Jewelry Forged Through Friendship Continues Fight Against Childhood Cancer

ME&EM FOR GOOD: Jewelry Forged Through Friendship Continues Fight Against Childhood Cancer

(images via ME&EM For Good)

Metallurgy entails a lot of intense pressure—out of which can come a thing of beauty.

Emily Barere and Maria Strandberg got to work on ME&EM For Good after Emily’s daughter Ella was diagnosed with Leukemia.

“I’ve spent my career in jewelry. When Ella was diagnosed I was the Creative Director for two fine jewelry brands in New York City, Kwiat and Fred Leighton,” says Emily.

ellamolly“As wonderful as it was to work for them, Leukemia treatment is pretty demanding—both for the child as well as the parents. I continued to freelance for the three years we spent in and out of the hospital. When we got to the other side Ella and I had other plans. Together with good friends we created ME&EM For Good.”

Barere moved to Hoboken 16 years ago, and is happy to call the city “home.”

“We love our community, have wonderful friends and think Hoboken is the perfect place for our children to grow up,” she says

ME&EM for good is inspired by the remarkable friendship between Ella and Molly (Strandberg—Maria’s daughter), made even stronger as they stood side by side throughout Ella’s ordeal.

“Their friendship has seen more than most do in a lifetime,” says Emily. “Empowered by their story, ME&EM For Good was born to help raise money for children’s causes one charm at a time.”

Meanwhile, the jewelry itself is nearly as beautiful as the story behind it.

“Each charm is made of stainless steel with gold or rhodium plating. Since the jewelry is meant to be worn by people of all ages it was especially important to use hypoallergenic materials tested for quality,” says Emily. “ME&EM jewelry is designed to be cool and colorful with empowering messages that attract both kids and adults.”


ME&EM For Good has partnered with New York Giants Quarterback (and former Hoboken resident) Eli Manning‘s Tackle Kids’ Cancer initiative through Hackensack University Medical Center to raise funds and awareness for those battling childhood cancer.

img_3372“Eli Manning has taken a personal stand against childhood cancer. Together with TKC he created Eli’s Challenge to match donations through football season. With his support ME&EM For good can double our impact and raise more money for a great cause,” says Emily.

“Even if the story behind our company is sad, we want to convey a positive message. ME&EM For Good is our happy ending filled with meaningful messages, colorful jewelry, and the promise to do good! A way to celebrate surviving a difficult journey and do our small part to give back.”

As for Ella, she’s, “doing great, still in remission, and enjoying 3rd grade,” says Emily. “You have no idea what you and your children are capable of in the face of adversity. Find courage and resolve—we all have it in us. Lean on friends. Celebrate every small victory. Make a wish and extraordinary things happen.”

Authored by: hMAG