“Title” Exhibit Opens at Hob’Art This Weekend

“Title” Exhibit Opens at Hob’Art This Weekend

(above: Alison Pariso’s “Dead Mantis,” Intaglio etching, 2013)

Alison and Frank Pariso’s mixed-media exhibition, “Title,” will be open to the public from June 12 through July 11 at the hob’art gallery, Monroe Center of the Arts, 720 Monroe Street, E208, Hoboken, NJ.

Alison and Frank are a married couple who moved to Hoboken from Boston and have since shared an interest in making art relating to living creatures. The artists share a similar subject matter, but with different aesthetics.

Alison is interested in observing insects in their natural habitat; she perceives them to be similar to the way humans go about their daily lives. She has learned about the incredible sophistication of insect communities that in many ways parallel human societies. Consequently, Alison has found herself projecting emotional and psychological qualities onto the insects and has been using them as surrogates for human experience.

Frank’s work can best be described as imaginative realism. He creates illustrative renderings of animals, humans, and other living creatures using a meticulous style of painting. The manner in which he paints lends itself to the unexpected realistic effect of each character. He is heavily influenced by the old masters as well as meaningful narrative. Each piece depicts a unique narrative, adding to the overall quality of the piece.

A reception to meet the artists will be held on Friday, June 12 from 6-8pm. On Sunday, June 14, the artists will discuss their works and will welcome questions from visitors.

 Frank Pariso's "You're The Sh!t," charcoal on paper, 2015

Frank Pariso’s “You’re The Sh!t,” charcoal on paper, 2015

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