Tony Boloney’s Says “No Mas” to Donald Trump

Tony Boloney’s Says “No Mas” to Donald Trump

Atlantic City pizza and sub shop Tony Boloney’s has announced that they will no longer serve Donald Trump at their restaurant, citing Trump’s unflattering portrayal of Mexican-American immigrants.

In a statement issued on their facebook page, the restaurant says:

“We have no tolerance for your ignorant rhetoric. Although there are major issues like border security & safety of our citizens that need to be addressed ASAP (really should have been addressed years ago), you grabbing attention for your campaign by-way of inserting your head in your rectum to opine about national security and disrespecting all of the hard-working Mexican-Americans at the same time… not going to fly here. BANNED!”

Meanwhile, Trump Taj Mahal casino employees have been offered a 10-percent discount at Tony Boloney’s because they have to “look at his name every day.”

hMAG reached out to Tony Boloney’s to see if Trump was welcome in the Hoboken location.

Sorry Donald—no Ole Sub for you…

¡Que lastima!


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