THE PERFECT STORM: Hoboken’s Weekend Forecast Will Get Chili, Wings & Beer

THE PERFECT STORM: Hoboken’s Weekend Forecast Will Get Chili, Wings & Beer

By now you’ve seen the weekend weather forecast, and it pretty much sucks.

Sure, you could curl up in a ball and weep, as the faintest taste of Spring is slapped right out of your mouth by a bipolar Mother Nature…

Or you could pick yourself up, grab your spoon and a pack of wetnaps, and seize the day.

What are we so chipper about, you ask?

This weekend represents a perfect storm of Hoboken’s culinary showdowns, with both the St. Francis “Wing & A Prayer” Chicken Wing Contest and the TRUE Mentors Chili Cook-Off and Homebrew Contest going down ON THE SAME DAY.

Daunting? Sure. Insurmountable? Not by a longshot…

Here’s how you’ll do it:

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The Chili Cook-Off and Homebrew Contest, benefiting TRUE Mentors, runs from 2:00-6:00 p.m at OLG Gym (5th & Willow). That’s plenty of time to get in, do the rounds, and even go back for seconds before casting your vote. Sponsors for this event include Hudson Bike Share, Ben & Jerry’s, Shop Rite, Hoboken Volunteers, Hoboken Grace, Departed Soles Brewing, 902 Brewing  and Don’t Sit Home. And obviously it’sthe perfect food/drink combo for a “chili” winter’s day (sorry—we had to get that pun out of our system…).


Then, you venture back out into the cold—maybe even stop off at Jack & Co. for the afterparty and have a light, refreshing beverage—and make you way over to the Elk’s Club (1005 Washington). Inside, you’ll find an treasure trove of Hoboken’s finest Chicken Wings, from:

IMG_6003-e1424729390559-Carpe Diem Pub & Restaurant (Reigning Champ)
San Guiseppe Coal-Fired Pizza & Cucina
Northern Soul
Green Rock Bar & Grill
The Madison Bar & Grill
City Bistro
Johnny Pepperoni
Jack & Co.
Mikie Squared
House of ‘Que

The winner of “Hoboken’s Best Chicken Wings” will be crowned based on popular vote (no electoral college, no Russians—just straightforward voting). The contest will also feature an open bar and live music from 6:30-9:30. Proceeds from this event will go toward St. Francis Church, “The Little Church With A BIG Heart.”

Speaking of heart, we know this is a lot to ask… but you’ve got this. Bring along a pack of TUMS (maybe some Imodium, in case things get too dodgy) and wade into it. You’ve trained your whole life for this moment—don’t sit on the bench. We’re talking Chili, Wings & Beer.

CLICK HERE for the Chili Cook-Off and Homebrew Contest

CLICK HERE for St. Francis “Wing & A Prayer” Chicken Wing Contest

Both these events typically sell out, so get your tickets NOW.



Authored by: hMAG