BILL’S SPACE SHOW: New Season, Safer Space

BILL’S SPACE SHOW: New Season, Safer Space

Bill’s Space Show” is BACK—now featuring MORE tomfoolery…

“We really enjoyed making comedy and have wanted to do more for a while,” host Bill Hamilton told hMAG last year. “‘Bill’s Space Show’ provides the opportunity to put on a show for a live audience, record it for a digital audience, and produce some funny videos.”

Hamilton and his Spaceboys—Dave Calamoneri, Greg Randolph and Travis Tompelstiltskin—are ready to roll with a new season, featuring a number of episodes leading up to a live event to coincide with the Hoboken Artists’ Studio Tour in November.

Check out the teaser for Season Two, and look forward to a new episode coming soon, with the Gerry Rosenthal Trio.


Authored by: hMAG