REINVENT: How Hoboken Small Businesses Can Pivot Their Strategy

REINVENT: How Hoboken Small Businesses Can Pivot Their Strategy

(Below is a guest post from Drummond St. Strategy)

You’ve seen these phrases in almost every marketing email you’ve subscribed to: “these challenging times,” “uncertain times,” “trying times.” In the wake of the Coronavirus shutdown, many people find themselves at a crossroads with their business and careers. New health challenges, economic limitations, and family responsibilities have changed the way we work. Whether through layoffs, new job expectations, or just general economic anxiety, the solutions and products we offered just a few months ago are no longer viable.

So many are furiously working to stay relevant in this new reality. How do you or your business stay solvent as our work environments turn themselves inside out? The prospect can be scary and overwhelming, but it can also be exciting, with the right support and encouragement.

James Runkle – Drummond St. Strategy

James Runkle, of Hoboken’s Drummond St. Strategy, has asked himself similar questions. Seven years ago, he found himself at a crossroads in his career: he was in the midst of deciding to work for himself, thinking he knew the path he was taking, but saw some new opportunities and took advantage of them. Slowly, he realized his original plans were falling by the wayside as new work found him.

Since then, Runkle has worked with multinational corporations and independent smaller entities, both commercial and nonprofit, helping people see areas for growth and opportunities for new ideas to flourish.

“When you’re starting something new, you still start from what you already know. When Drummond St. was first taking shape, I became aware that I was being asked to take on new kinds of projects that demanded that I think and work differently. As I watched events unfold in March and April, I knew I’d have to call on that experience again for myself, and then I wanted to share that experience with other people.”

To that end, Runkle has established, a virtual brainstorming space that can be accessed through a monthly subscription. While he can’t see potential clients in person, he’s fully equipped to offer his expertise to people who want to start shaping the future of their businesses or their work life through the now ubiquitous Zoom call. Bounce ideas off someone, work a new angle, or imagine something entirely new, Runkle has the experience, expertise and enthusiasm to support and build on your freshest ideas.

While Runkle’s first priority is to support the town where he’s made his home for twenty years, he also hopes that the idea spreads far and wide.

As we all look to the future, many of us will need that space to imagine our work in a new form. The world has changed, the economy has evolved – get ready now. No matter if you’re a business owner who needs to reinvent your entire business strategy or if you’re an employee who needs to adapt to your company’s new direction, Drummond St. Strategy has the expertise you’ll need with an affordable, flexible, accessible service that can truly make a difference.

“I love working with people as they start with what they have and build on it to create something new, or bigger, or simply a more effective version of what they’re already working with. That’s great energy, and it always gives people a boost in morale, which is what we all need most right now as we dig into the hard work of implementing our ideas and fortifying our work lives. It’s daunting, and also really exciting.”

To start out, Runkle is offering thirty minutes of free video consulting, followed by an invitation to join a small monthly subscription space that would give people a place to go to push forward.

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