BOTTOMS UP: Celebrate Hoboken Cocktail Week!!!

BOTTOMS UP: Celebrate Hoboken Cocktail Week!!!

Say “Hoboken cocktail culture” a couple of years ago, and you’d think Captain & Coke with a few JagerBombs and “something fruity” for the ladies… bro.

Thankfully, tastes here in our little corner of the Garden State have evolved considerably—as is evident by looking at the drinks menu for Hoboken Happy Hours’ citywide celebration of potent potables, Hoboken Cocktail Week, which runs from February 27 through March 12.

No, you’re not drunk—that’s actually two weeks… but why cut something like that short? Think of it as Hudson Restaurant Week, but for booze. Participating venues put their best foot forward and showcase a signature concoction at a special price, as well as an ambitious calendar of terrific events throughout the week to keep you curious.

Drinks range from the classics—Martinis, Mules, Old Fashioneds—to the compelling—”The Snooze Button,” or “The Handy Randy Brandy Candy,” for example.

This event is what you make of it. It isn’t about going out and getting wrecked—this is an opportunity to step out of your everyday routine and try a taste of something uniquely designed, ideally well-balanced and hopefully delicious.

Good drinks are good drinks, no matter where you get them. Take a stroll around the neighborhood bars and restaurants of Hoboken and take some of the mystery out of mixology. You might find something you like—right down the block…

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Authored by: hMAG