Meet Luke—He Sells Lobster | Luke’s Lobster NOW OPEN (207 Washington)

Meet Luke—He Sells Lobster | Luke’s Lobster NOW OPEN (207 Washington)

Luke Holden has been in the lobster business since high school, when he was fishing for lobster off the coast of Maine.

After moving to NYC, the proud “Maine-iac” in Luke was disappointed by the quality of lobster rolls he got in our area, and knew he could do better. Using his knowledge and connections with the lobster fisheries, Luke eventually cultivated a network of stores out of his original East Village location. Now, thankfully, Luke’s Lobster is now open for business here in Hoboken.

“Based on the success of our food truck at Pier 13, we knew Hoboken would be a great fit,” says Luke. “In fact, the crew here at the store worked the truck on the Pier.”

The decision to shift to a brick-and-mortar establishment on Washington Street is indicative of Luke’s Lobster’s desire to become a part of a community they enjoy here in Hoboken. At the hMAG hMIXER last night, the Hoboken High School PTO raffled off a “Noah’s Ark” dinner for two, graciously donated by the store before it had even opened for business.

“We’re happy to make that connection to Hoboken because we love it here. Everyone’s been very good to us, and we’re excited to be here.”

Luke’s Lobster opened its doors TODAY—stop by 207 Washington Street and feed your new habit…

Luke's Lobster roll

Maine-style Luke’s Lobster Roll

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