OUT OF DODGE: MOUNTAIN CREEK – Ski Upstate… New Jersey

OUT OF DODGE: MOUNTAIN CREEK – Ski Upstate… New Jersey

by Christopher Halleron / photos courtesy of Mountain Creek

On a good day, you could MAYBE make Stratton in three-and-a-half, but it’s closer to four. Hunter, you’re looking at a good two and a half hours.

Vernon, New Jersey is an hour and ten minutes from Hoboken. Vernon is the home of Mountain Creek—not just a ski hill, but a full-on ski resort… right here in our backyard.


For those unfamiliar with the topography of the Garden State, YES—there are mountains in New Jersey. Mountain Creek is situated just miles from the Appalachian Trial, which shaves into the northernmost point of the state, just below New York’s Catskill region. Of course the area is a stark contrast to the concrete and industrial sprawl for which we are better known, and it’s that contrast that makes this gem all the more valuable.

Such a phenomenal natural asset so close to the New York Metro Area is nothing to be taken for granted. As for the skiing, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Mountain Creek boasts a total of eight lifts (including two high-speed quads an eight-passenger gondola), four mountain peaks and 46 trails. The level of expertise for the runs ranges from beginner to black diamond. In addition, there is a world-class terrain park with rails and jumps to accommodate skiers and snowboarders alike.


If you’re not into tackling the mountain by conventional means, there is also the five-acre snow tube park, as well as designated mountain bike trails specifically for winter riders. Winter zip-lining is another way to cater to the alpine thrill-seeker, while a full slate of dining, rest and relaxation options awaits those who may retreat to the mountains for the simple downtime.


Sure, you could do it as a day trip—but there’s no reason you shouldn’t treat yourself to an overnight in one of the slopeside, townhome or other area lodgings. Meanwhile, Mountain Creek is a four-season resort. When the snow is gone, the mountains are still there… and still amazing.



Authored by: hMAG