FACES: STUART VARNEY – FOX Business Network Host Does Hoboken His Way

FACES: STUART VARNEY – FOX Business Network Host Does Hoboken His Way

Working as a bartender in Hong Kong, Stuart Varney was forced to break up a bar brawl—deciding then and there that he had to move onto better things.

He now hosts Varney & Co (weekdays 9AM-12PM/ET on FOX Business), which has been the number 1 rated market program on television for over a year—covering the market open and breaking news, with an eye on how it impacts viewers financially.

Born and raised in the U.K., Stuart has spent the last 40 years in the U.S. and became an American citizen in 2015. Father of six, grandfather to nine, when he’s not on the air or tending to his tree farm in Upstate New York, he calls Hoboken home—and hMAG had a chance to chat with him about the market, the Mile Square City, and why he does things “My Way.”

hMAG: What initially made you decide to come to the States?

Stuart Varney: As soon as I arrived in America I liked it. I come from a country where social class was important. In America it is not important and you are free to rise up the food chain as far as your drive, talent, brains, and ability get you. And America is vast and varied. Surely there is somewhere in this gigantic country that feels just right for you.

h: How long have you lived in Hoboken, and what made you choose the Mile Square City as your home?

SV: I have lived in Hoboken for two years. I chose it because of the very easy commute to New York City. I leave Hoboken every weekday morning at 3:45. I arrive in my studio in Manhattan at 4 o’clock. How about that? I always wanted a short commute and Hoboken gives it to me! Also, in Hoboken I am surrounded by young people. I like that. I am a grandfather nine times over and that my age it’s really nice to have youngsters living near me. In fact, Hoboken has the youngest demographic of any place I have ever lived in my entire life.

h: So many of our residents are involved in the finance industry. This city took a big hit in 2008—what are your expectations for overall economic stability in the years to come?

SV: At the moment we are in an economic boom and I expect things to stay that way for the rest of this year. However it is very difficult to forecast anything beyond the next 12 months because quite simply anything can happen.

h: Hoboken’s local economy is driven by small business. Are there any restaurants or retailers that you regularly patronize?

SV: My favorite restaurant in Hoboken is Amanda’s on Washington Street. Perfect for Sunday brunch.

h: There’s a vibrant ex-pat community in our city as well. What makes Hoboken so attractive to people from so many different cultures?

SV: America seems to me to be a blend of everything and I like that. Hoboken in particular is culturally varied and with a British accent I fit right in.

h: Finally, what’s your favorite Frank Sinatra song?

SV: My favorite Frank Sinatra song is My Way!


Authored by: hMAG