FIFTH OF FINNEGAN’S: Stellar Lineup Set to Celebrate a Hoboken Live Music Mainstay—FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 7th

FIFTH OF FINNEGAN’S: Stellar Lineup Set to Celebrate a Hoboken Live Music Mainstay—FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 7th

(ABOVE: Sylvana Joyce & The Moment at Finnegan’sALEO Music photo)

Five years ago, Finnegan’s opened up as a local watering hole. Today, it has become one of the premier music venues in Hudson County.

Taking over the space that was Rogo’s at 734 Willow Avenue in Hoboken, Finnegan’s came on the scene in September of 2013. Proprietor Eoin Finnegan soon began working in live music out of a sheer appreciation for it.

“I play a bit myself,” says Finnegan, “not as good as all the other musicians—but I have a lot of fun.”

The relatively tight stage in the middle of the bar has evolved into an altar for the local music scene—hosting Bluegrass jams, the odd Irish seisún, original album releases, supremely talented cover bands and some memorable concert after-parties. A number of those acts will return to the stage this Friday, September 7th, to say thanks to the venue that has made it all happen for them.

“I greatly appreciate that Eoin has taken a responsibility to create a space with a thoughtful vibe for artists to express themselves,” says Jamie DeJesus, of ALEO Productions. “I feel strongly that the venue is equally as important as the artist and the audience. We all work together to create something beautiful that others can experience. I thank Eoin for sustaining and continuously building his stage.”

Among those joining DeJesus this Friday in what has been dubbed FinnyFest 2018 are:

  • Rob Nicholas
  • Kirk and Kuz
  • Lil Joe and the Ill Picards
  • Liam Brown and the Pounds
  • Christina Alessi and the Toll Collectors
  • Lloyd United
  • Jaime Rosie
  • Sylvana Joyce and the Moment
  • Motorboat
  • Big Wake
  • Casey and the Dirty Water Dogs

The live music scene in Hoboken has certainly seen some substantial losses to its native habitat. As places like Maxwell’s, Turtle Club and more go dark, it’s hard to find a spot that will nurture an organic musical ecosystem in such a harsh creative environment. Finnegan’s has become that sanctuary, with Eoin Finnegan as the de facto zookeeper.

“Unlike most of the bars in Hoboken/JC, Eoin has made it a point to pay the musicians a respectable wage—which ensures that there is quality music coming out of Finnegan’s,” says DeJesus.

Of course it’s not purely out of altruism—fact is some bar patrons actually enjoy live music. “It’s a draw to the business,” says Eoin. “People come to hear certain bands and it creates an amazing atmosphere.”

Those who do come for the bands are rewarded with a straightforward neighborhood bar with great food and drink.

“I have an amazing staff here,” says Eoin, “and that’s a huge part of our success. We have a terrific menu, plenty of televisions for sports—we have pool tables, dart boards, skeeball, a private room upstairs and plenty of room in the main bar for all our guests. It’s just a great bar,” he says, “that also happens to have great live music.”

If you haven’t been to Finnegan’s, stop by this Friday for the big celebration.

Music begins at 6:00.

photo via The Latest Noise


Authored by: hMAG