GO WITH THE FLOW: Mettaflow Explores the Science of Happiness — WEDNESDAY, FEB. 8th @ Mile Square Theatre

GO WITH THE FLOW: Mettaflow Explores the Science of Happiness — WEDNESDAY, FEB. 8th @ Mile Square Theatre

Mettaflow is hosting an event to stimulate your senses, raise your awareness and connect to your optimal self as you learn more about FLOW (Optimal Human Performance) – The SCIENCE OF HAPPINESS!!!

What Is Flow?’ will be presented on Wednesday, February 8th from 7-9pm at Mile Square Theatre (1400 Clinton Street, Hoboken). The evening promises to be a night of fun and learning as guests discover more about optimal performance and Flow state.

You will learn the fundamentals of Flow, the triggers and blocks, the Flow cycle and how to hack into your Flow and uncover its blocks and triggers. The goal is to take what you have learned and apply it to bringing your daily performance and life overall to new heights.

 Mettaflow Founders Trevor Vaughan and Michael Gilmore will be joined by guest speakers Patrick Franco (Owner at Hudson Yoga Project) and Beata Souders (Positive Psychology Practioner). Striking at the core of how to achieve Optimal Human Performance, the presentations will stimulate the senses, raise awareness and connect attendees to their optimal self.


Trevor Vaughan, of Mettaflow, says, “We’re extremely pleased to announce the launch of our new ‘What Is Flow’ seminar series. This event promises to bring the compelling story of Flow to life, and reveal how it can impact and change nearly every aspect of your being. From work to mental health to relationships, learning how to enter into and hack Flow will become one of the most powerful strategies for people in the 21st century and beyond.”

The two-hour highly interactive presentation promises to turn thought into action and offer real, tangible takeaways that guests can implement in their daily lives. Prizes will be raffled off to attendees, including ONE FREE MONTH of yoga at Hudson Yoga Project.

The event is a must-attend for business leaders, entrepreneurs, creatives, athletes, students, managers or anyone with a desire to improve their lives and achieve their full potential.

“We wanted to create an event that was authentic, exciting and extremely valuable to our guests,” says Mettaflow’s Michael Gilmore. “We’re confident that the Flow seminar will be a massive success, and we look forward to changing lives and spreading awareness during the year ahead.”

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Authored by: hMAG