BUS REPAIR: Hoboken Mayor Worried Port Authority Redevelopment Plan May Strand Riders

BUS REPAIR: Hoboken Mayor Worried Port Authority Redevelopment Plan May Strand Riders

As the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey reviews its proposed $32.2 billion 2017-2026 Capital Plan, Hoboken’s Mayor is concerned that the amount earmarked for the Port Authority Bus Terminal simply isn’t enough.

“I have been told that the reason we can’t get additional buses to meet our surging commuter demand is because the Port Authority Bus Terminal is already over capacity,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “The inclusion of $3.5 billion for a new terminal in the proposed capital plan falls far short of the $10 billion that may be needed, and we can’t wait another decade just to get the funding in place.”

Recent repairs to the PATH Train underscored the need for an improved alternative, with ridership on the 126 Hoboken-NYC line overwhelming the buses—leading to inconvenient, cramped conditions for commuters who actually managed to board, while others were left stranded at their stops with buses over capacity. As eye-popping growth continues on Hoboken’s northern edge—an area which hinges much of its appeal on the quick bus trip in and out of the city—the demand for more buses will continue to grow as well.

There is a second public meeting on the proposed $32.2 billion 2017-2026 Capital Plan on Tuesday, February 7th from 5pm to 8pm at the 2 Montgomery Street in Jersey City. Members of the public may attend to provide their comments on the plan.

“I urge the Port Authority Commissioners to allocate the necessary funds to address this problem before it becomes a crisis,” says Mayor Zimmer,” and I invite our residents to make their voices heard.”

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"I don't wanna cause no fuss..."

“I don’t wanna cause no fuss…”

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