Hoboken Road Closures Make Driving Futile

Hoboken Road Closures Make Driving Futile

Here’s how it works—we complain about road conditions, then we complain when they’re being fixed.

That’s the sort of illogical pessimism that makes the average being human so insufferable… but it doesn’t necessarily mean we’re wrong.

Hoboken is a currently a labyrinth of soul-crushing road closures. In addition to the ongoing Observer Highway Redesign Project, the city has announced the following road paving projects taking place this week:
Wednesday, May 13, 2015:

– Jackson St from Newark Ave. to 6th St.

Thursday, May 14, 2015:

– Monroe St. from Paterson Ave. to 3rd St.

– 4th St. from Monroe St. to Jackson St.

– 5th St. from Jackson St. to Madison St.


As part of the City of Hoboken’s street resurfacing program which will include more than 50 blocks of roadway in 2015, paving work will take place on Friday, May 15, 2015 on Jackson Street from Paterson Avenue to 6th Street.

On Monday, May 18, paving will begin at 8:00am on 4th Street between Jackson Street and Monroe Street. In order to minimize traffic disruptions, paving of the southernmost section of Jackson Street from Newark Avenue to Paterson Avenue is scheduled to take place beginning at approximately 9:30am following the morning rush hour. The work is expected to last several hours. During this time, Jackson Street will be closed between Newark Avenue and Paterson Avenue. Through traffic will be permitted on Newark Avenue, but turns will not be permitted onto Jackson Street. Through traffic crossing over Jackson Street will not be permitted along Observer Highway or Paterson Avenue. The road will be reopened as quickly as possible once the asphalt has set, however there is a possibility that it will remain closed through the evening rush hour, so drivers should expect delays and plan alternate routes.

If time allows on Monday, following the paving of Jackson Street from Newark Avenue to Paterson Avenue, the contractor will begin paving on Monroe Street from Paterson Avenue to 3rd Street. On Tuesday, May 19, the contractor will complete the paving on Monroe Street from Paterson Avenue to 3rd Street and pave 5th Street from Jackson Street to Madison Street. Please note that there will be multiple roads closed to traffic while the pavement cools.

The Jackson Street repaving project originally included work at the intersection with 1st Street as part of the 1st Street streetscape revitalization. Due to multiple utility conflicts, it will not be possible to install the planned rain garden curb extension at the intersection of 1st Street and Jackson Street. Other improvements will be made to the intersection instead including a bioswale along the Jackson Street sidewalk, the addition of a new tree in an existing empty tree pit, replacement and expansion of broken sidewalk, and an epoxy gravel curb extension with street planters and stanchions for improved pedestrian safety.

Furthermore, seemingly endless PSE&G work continues throughout the city. From First to Third, Bloomfield to Park, roads are more or less unnavigable, with reports of cars reversing up entire blocks just to get around the blockage.

Be advised.

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