Hoboken Waterfront Redevelopment Becoming a Textbook Example

Hoboken Waterfront Redevelopment Becoming a Textbook Example

Now, every September when schoolchildren are forced to cover their books in brown paper by Friday or face detention, they’ll think of Hoboken… (Do they even do that anymore?)

According to NJ.com, textbook publisher Pearson Education will be moving into their new office location at 221 River Street by the end of this month—a move first announced back in 2012.

On the Waterfront
once bustling with longshoreman, Pearson will be mooring their ship essentially one slip down from John Wiley & Sons, Inc.—a textbook and information publisher that moved its corporate headquarters to 111 River Street in 2002.

Developer SJP Properties announced last month that e-commerce start-up Jet will also be making its home in Hoboken, on the banks of the Hudson.

Of course the key to Hoboken’s growth as a business center is the convenience of its New Jersey Transit Terminal and 24-hour PATH Train service.

Probably something to consider before making any changes to that…

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