HOBOKENDIA: Poll names Hoboken #1 in Nation for Hipsters

HOBOKENDIA: Poll names Hoboken #1 in Nation for Hipsters

Isn’t it ironic…

A real estate blog recently named Hoboken as the NUMBER ONE city in America for “Hipsters.”

Their metric? Age, education, yoga studios and coffee shops.

Somewhere in Jersey City, someone just smashed their craft beer bottle against a Ms. Pac-Man arcade video game, then swept up the glass and promptly recycled it before riding his Razor scooter to the barber for a trim so he won’t get as much Korean BBQ taco grease in his lumberjack beard

Yeah JC, we don’t get it either.

We understand highest earning, top real estate market and even “douchiest St. Patrick’s Day,” but this one is kinda off the mark a bit.

Someone really needs to take ownership of the term “Hipster.” Go ahead JC—Make It Yours

Of course the first sign someone is a true Hipster is that they vehemently deny any insinuation that they are a Hipster…

And we DID have Mumford & Sons over that one time…


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