HURRICANE MATTHEW: Now It’s Just Getting Weird

HURRICANE MATTHEW: Now It’s Just Getting Weird

We started the week with a forecast that indicated Hurricane Matthew might barrel up the coast and impact our area. We then realized that the scenario was less likely , as this major hurricane was predicted to take a bit of a turn.

Now, as this storm has gone completely off script—currently rolling up the Atlantic coast of Florida, ricocheting off Georgia/South Carolina and banking out to sea… only to then cut back southwest and impact territories it has already hit.


This is a dangerous, and seemingly spiteful storm. We will certainly keep an eye on it in the days to come.

Meanwhile, the New Jersey OEM has already activated units to aid in what will likely be a significant response to this storm.

We’ll stop short of our media colleague, Shep Smith, but we will say that this storm should be taken very seriously in those areas impacted—particularly in light of the devastation already seen in the Caribbean from Hurricane Matthew’s punishing force.

Authored by: hMAG