Just when you think you know where the story is going… BOOM—plot twist.

We’re not sure what Hurricane Matthew is smoking, but he’s acting a bit erratic. Yesterday’s forecast had him potentially barreling up the entire East Coast. Today, it looks like he’s going to impact Florida and the Carolinas, then bust right out to sea.


This is currently a very dangerous storm, and the impacts to Haiti and Cuba have been severe. Evacuations are underway in Florida and coastal Carolina.

Given the random and enigmatic nature of this storm, no one knows exactly how this will play out in terms of impacting the Hoboken/NYC Metro Area. As Rust Cohle will tell you, “Nothing’s ever fulfilled, not until the very end. and closure. Nothing is ever over…

Given the fact that the Atlantic Hurricane season is still very much active, it may still behoove you to make sure you’re prepared. Authorities recommend maintaining a supply of:

-Water (enough for 3 days—1 gallon per, day per person)
-Food (enough for 3 days)
-Medicine (prescriptions, pain relievers)
-Cash (your plastic won’t work in the event of power outages)

Of course a little beer might not hurt, as well…


Authored by: hMAG