Monday Morning Quarterbark: What to Look for in a Dog Walker

Monday Morning Quarterbark: What to Look for in a Dog Walker

It’s the day after, and obviously everyone’s talking about it…

Puppy Bowl XI was an absolute BLOWOUT—with Team Ruff completely chewing up Team Fluff by a final score of 87-49.

A full day later a lot of questions remain…
-Who was calling those plays?
-How cute were those puppies?
-Can we get one?

Puppy Bowl
is played entirely by rescue animals, promoting the practice of pet adoption.

But getting sucked in by hours of cute imagery, then locking your pet in your apartment while you work 12-hour days isn’t doing anyone any favors. In a place like Hoboken, dog walkers are a vital resource for those of us who want to share our lives with a pet, yet require a degree of flexibility to make it happen.

For most Hoboken residents, many of whom often spend a good part of the day away from home, the idea of having a pet comes with one very, VERY important question:

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-What should I look for when choosing a dog walker?

“These days, anyone can say they are a dog walker, but a Professional Dog Walker and Pet Sitter is running a real business,” says Heather Gaida, owner of Trusty Tails Pet Care. “They should be a registered business, have a website, provide information on who works for them, and provide plenty of references from current and previous clientele.”

Loni Rudolph, of Whiskers and Leo Pet Care, also agrees that due diligence is key. “Are their pet sitters actual employees or independent contractors? This is important for control and liability reasons, and if a company hires actual employees you know they are a company that is going to be around for a while.”

“When a company hires employees, the company is offering higher accountability to their clients and their pets,” says Gaida. “With employees, a company is able to screen, background check, and train their staff with proper policies, procedures and company core values in order to provide your pet with the best care possible.”

Another important aspect to consider in this litigious day and age, is whether or not your dog walker is fully insured and bonded.

“Insurance and bonding should provide coverage if your dog bites someone or another pet while out and about with the dog walker,” says Gaida, “or even property damage, should it occur.”

“Accidents can happen,” adds Rudolph, “so you want to make sure they are professional and have proper coverage.”



The whole point of having a dog walker is to make sure your pet is well looked after when you can’t be around.

“It’s essential to know how many dogs they walk at once,” says Rudolph, of Whiskers and Leo. “In addition, are there certain types of collars/harnesses/leashes that they use? Many pet sitters/dog walkers will not use certain types of collars and leashes for safety reasons and they limit the number of dogs they will walk at one time. This assures the safety and well-being of the animals.”

In an effort to put clients at ease, Trusty Tails Pet Care uses Pet Check Technology to provide their clients “Real Time Certainty”. “Trusty Tails staff are equipped with a GPS Tracking App that provides you with verified alerts of the walker’s arrival and departure, as well as GPS maps,” says Gaida. “We can’t forget the importance of responsibility and the love of animals.”

With a walk down the streets or a stroll through the park, it’s clear that Hoboken is a great place to raise a dog—provided people do the legwork necessary to be a responsible owner.

If you’re interested in learning more about pet adoption and you’ve given it the right amount of consideration—or you’re curious how you can help with our four-legged friends here in Hudson County, please contact the Liberty Humane Society.

Authored by: hMAG

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