LIVE MUSIC: Guitarist John 5 @ Debonair Music Hall in Teaneck — PHOTO GALLERY

LIVE MUSIC: Guitarist John 5 @ Debonair Music Hall in Teaneck — PHOTO GALLERY

Review and photos by Jay Rubinstein

With the beginning of the changing of the seasons from dreary winter to the vibrant spring only means one thing……that GREAT live music acts are back in full swing just in our backyard here in New Jersey.

Debonair Music Hall in Teaneck, NJ recently hosted John 5 with opening act Jared James Nichols.

Who is John 5?  Well you better know him as the guitarist for Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, David Lee Roth and numerous others, but he’s now out supporting his new album Zoinks.

A John 5 show is probably best described as Halloween meets Carnegie Hall meets Beverly Hillbillies meets Eddie Van Halen.

John 5 is one of the most talented/eclectic musicians on the scene today, encompassing a dizzying array of styles—and you’ll pick your jaw up off the floor as each one is played to perfection.

John’s weapons of choice are several variations of Fender Telecasters, but he plays the banjo with just as much veracity too. Most all of the songs are purely instrumental—including an outstanding rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It.” He typically closes out each show with a tune where the band plays snippets of some of rock’s best riffs at a rapid-fire pace. My personal favorite song of the night is “Crank It” & “Zoinks” where John plays his guitar almost like a bass guitar—a truly impressive thing to see.

Opening act, Jared James Nichols, one of the top upcoming guitar players in the world, has a blues-driven rock sound with guitar driven solos and a voice to match.

Jared plays with energy has the looks of Ted Nugent, reminscent of pure 1970’s rock n roll.

Check out the upcoming shows at Debonair Music Hall and keep a watch out for my photos & review of LA Guns.


Authored by: hMAG