FOR THE LOVE OF CHRISTIE: Our Prodigal Son Returns…

FOR THE LOVE OF CHRISTIE: Our Prodigal Son Returns…

by Christopher M. Halleron

Let’s all welcome back Governor Chris Christie, who carried out the time-honored New Jersey tradition of traveling around the country, running your mouth and picking fights with people.

Putting the “ick” in Icarus, our leader now falls back to the cold, hard earth of the Garden State. His failed Presidential campaign seemed more or less centered around skewering his fellow Republicans, treating the debates like they were some sort of Comedy Central celebrity roast.

He managed to poll 1.7% in the Iowa Caucus—which is arguably better than he’d poll in Secaucus. Although he did slightly better in New Hampshire, at 7.4%, those aren’t the kind of numbers that tend to galvanize the electorate.

Not trying to pile it on here, just “Telling it like it is…”

Of course now that he’s back, there’s a few things we should discuss—before his administration fully descends into shambolic political theater. For starters:

These are just a handful of questions that have bubbled up during the Governor’s hiatus from leadership here in New Jersey. It will be interesting to see if he can re-engage the issues facing our state, or if his return to Trenton is simply the next stage of a drawn out political euthanasia…

Either way, his “While You Were Out” box is pretty full right now. As he wades into it further, it’s bound to get messy.

He might wanna pick up a mop


Authored by: hMAG