“The Love Dog” — Hoboken Little League Field House Grill

“The Love Dog” — Hoboken Little League Field House Grill

Hoboken’s Field House Grill is almost an overload of Americana.

You have a Little League Field in the middle of the Birthplace of Baseball, overlooking the Manhattan Skyline. Taking it one step further, you walk up to the counter, and you order hot dog.

The Field House Grill has a surprisingly extensive menu, with absolutely amazing prices. Of course you could get a regular hot dog and not be disappointed. But you’d be missing out on one of Hoboken’s best-kept culinary secretsThe Love Dog.

It’s a Sabrett frank, wrapped in bacon and deep-fried. From there you can load it up with whatever you want—kraut, chili, onions, mustard…

At Yankee Stadium, a dog like that could wind up costing more than a Derek Jeter bobblehead.

Field House Grill total: $2.50

The Love Dog
—what’s not to love?

Field House Grill
(Hoboken Little League Field)
25 5th Street

Look at these prices...

Look at these prices…


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