One Does Not Simply Walk Into Mutzfest…

One Does Not Simply Walk Into Mutzfest…

If you want to have a polite conversation in Hoboken, there are three topics you tend to avoid—religion, politics and mutz.

Everybody has their favorite, and with such exceptional options to choose from city-wide, we’re all the better for it.

But when it comes to actually crowning the “Best Mutz in Hoboken,” it can get a little fierce, as bragging rights in this town tend to go a long way.

With this year marking the third annual event, Hoboken Mutzfest lets local businesses put their money where their mutz is—while raising funds and awareness for the Hoboken Family Alliance (HFA)—a civic organization advocating family-friendly initiatives through philanthropy and events for underprivileged families and those with disabilities.

“I thought so many people in town claim to have the best mutz, wouldn’t it be fun to bring them all together for a great cause and let people decide who does have the best,” says Theresa Howard, HFA’s Director – Children With Special Needs.

Last year’s SOLD OUT event saw over 700 people make their way to the Hoboken Elks’ Club (1005 Washington Street) to get their fill of the local delicacy.

“Get your tickets now,” says Howard. “Many folks buy online, but we really encourage people to get into the delis to meet these wonderful local business leaders and sample the mutz first-hand.”

This year’s participants include:

M&P Biancamano (1116 Washington Street)
Margherita’s (740 Washington Street)
Little Town (310 Sinatra Drive)
Little Eataly (599 Ridge Road, North Arlington)
Sasso’s Deli (1038 Garden Street)
Tony Boloney’s (263 First Street)
Vito’s Deli (806 Washington Street)

Each participant has about 50 tickets to sell.

Tickets are $20 per person, children under 12 are free. There are a limited number of VIP Tickets available for $50, which gets you early access, meet and greet with the mutzmakers and open bar.

In the past, winners have been selected via People’s Choice and Critics’ Choice.

This year’s Critics include:
-Hoboken’s own celebrity chef/wunderkind, Gibson Borelli
-Celebrated food and wine critic Anthony Giglio
-Hoboken dining and nightlife expert,‘s Jennifer Casson

In addition to blind taste tests, attendees will sample specialty sandwiches and other unique creations incorporating Hoboken’s signature specialty.

“Regardless who takes home any prizes,” says Howard, “it really is a fun way to celebrate our community, local businesses and help out one of the city’s biggest philanthropic organizations.”

Hoboken Mutzfest 2015

Hoboken Mutzfest 2015

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