The People’s Open Mic Returns — TONIGHT @ Farside

The People’s Open Mic Returns — TONIGHT @ Farside

(Chris Capaci/Capacity Images photo)

In the cultural tailspin brought on by Northern Soul‘s sudden and unfortunate closure, the beloved People’s Open Mic sessions wound up homeless. Now, at least, it’s been upgraded to itinerant.

“Many venues have generously expressed interest in hosting and accommodating our troupe of players, comedians, etc.,” says People’s Open Mic host and coordinator Jaime DeJesus. “Because of this, my intention is to do it at different venues on Wednesdays throughout the summer. This will allow for our group of musicians to experience performing at different venues, opening up relationships with different bartenders and audiences,” adding, “perhaps we’ll call ourselves the Northern Soul Traveling Circus.”

Tonight, the People’s Open Mic will be at The Farside (531 Washington St.) in Hoboken.

“The Farside is installing a brand new sound system that we will be giving it’s maiden voyage, and we’re looking forward to testing it out,” says DeJesus. “It’s a really comfy venue up front, and there is a killer outdoor courtyard in the back.”

Show begins at 9:00. For more information or for any singers, musicians, comedians, poets, street preachers, clowns, ventriloquists, magicians, mimes—ANYONE looking for a stage where they can express themselves, CLICK HERE.


Authored by: hMAG